"I had heard about hypnobirthing through a friend who had done it with her first baby and really recommended it. I then found Jennie who was doing a taster session local to me. I attended the session and from that decided to book the private sessions so that both my partner and my mum could join in. Jennie taught us all so much about labour and birth and by the end of the sessions I felt fully prepared for whatever situation I ended up in with my birth. When the time came I was able to use all the skills and tools that Jennie provided me with to get me through my 30 hour labour with only paracetamol and codeine as pain relief. My labour and birth was exactly what I had hoped for and that is all thanks to Jennie. I knew how to breath through my surges and my birth partners knew exactly how to keep me calm, focused and positive through the whole thing.
I can’t recommend Jennie enough!"