"The beauty of hypnobirthing is that it can be used for every single birth, regardless of whether that be at home, in a birth centre, birth suite or theatre. The tools, techniques and knowledge you learn on my course will equip you and your partner to feel prepared, confident and ready for birth!"

- Jennie Howarth (Founder/Owner of Jentle Hypnobirthing)


As a Midwife, I understand the anatomy and physiology around birth and the hormones that play a vital role. To enable the mother; and therefore baby to feel relaxed, an environment and state of mind needs to be created, enabling these hormones to flourish and your labour and birth to progress efficiently. 

"Honestly, the first thing we said at the end was how difficult it would have been without hypnobirthing"

- Colette, Mother

"Knowledge, positivity and the right frame of mind are what you need to succeed and hypnobirthing taught us all this and more!"

- Katie, Mother


Birthing partners play an important role in keeping the mother relaxed and focused during labour, as they too have joined the journey of hypnobirthing, they will be well rehearsed and knowledgeable, allowing them to remain calm in the birthing environment.

"I honestly don't believe that I would have been able to support my beautiful wife in the way I did had I not done the hypnobirthing course. It opened my eyes to what the body is capable of doing if you mentally prepare and allow yourself to get in the right frame of mind."

- Scott, Birth partner