"When most people think of hypnobirthing they consider it must involve trances and pocket watches, so perhaps that's where many people’s scepticism comes in to play, preventing them from exploring the concept further. To deny yourself this experience would truly be to do yourself an injustice, particularly when you could have Jennifer Howarth as your teacher. From the first day she walked in to our home she put us at ease. Given this was both mine and my fiancé's first child, we were more than a little nervous about the prospect of birth! Jennie was calm, knowledgeable, professional and made us feel as though we were talking to a friend. She explained the premise behind the practice, and that it was a great deal of common sense, listening to your own body and trying to create positive associations to instil a relaxed state of mind.

My personal history includes 21 years with a chronic illness and two 13” steel rods, 13 screws and a bone graft in my spine. Prior to pregnancy I had been on a huge array of medications, mostly painkillers, and couldn’t imagine giving birth without every drug and intervention available- despite my desperately wanting to. The classes with Jennie gave me such a bounty of confidence and an understanding of my body that I went on to have a dream birth; quick, calm and completely drug free! Something I never thought I would have been able to do prior to exploring hypnobirthing.

We now have Noah, our beautiful baby boy, who we brought in to the world just the way we wanted. To welcome both Jennie and hypnobirthing in to your pregnancy journey would be to give yourself the greatest gift.

We cannot thank her enough. She truly cares about each and every person she works with and the babies that they bring in to the world"