"With my first little boy I did some self-practiced hypnobirthing and had an amazing birth, however I convinced myself that it couldn’t be as good and felt like I needed some refreshers in hypnobirthing and also some re-assurance when Jennie’s name popped up on Facebook. I got in touch and she suggested a one to one refresher course and it was the best money I’ve spent. I had the opportunity to ask so many questions and really run through all my concerns and refresh my hypnobirthing knowledge. The breathing techniques and visualisations she gave me were amazing during labour and all in all I had another fantastic birth. It really helps with Jennie being a fully trained midwife too as she has so much experience. I really believe that being prepared for labour is part of the battle. I had to go to burnley birth suite due to having group strep b, but still managed a quick, calm water birth with just gas, air and paracetamol. Thank you so much Jennie for putting all my fears to bed and giving me some really concrete techniques to help me in labour. I would highly recommend to any expecting parents - see it as an investment just like you would with a wedding, buying a new car etc - it’s a life changing experience so you have to put in the research/ preparation and Jennie is the perfect person to guide you through the experience."